We offer all our clients premium and custom services regardless of their budget, status or location. Our clients satisfaction is what drives us. You only need to tell us what your goal is and our team of experts will provide you with the best unique solution that is ideal for you and your listeners.

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Superior Streaming Quality

Connection/ Uptime Monitoring

Custom setup based on your needs

Stream from anywhere in the world


Connect your existing FM broadcast to online streaming.

Outside broadcast connection to the studio.

Podcast Hosting.


What our clients say

  • I am so happy your company helped me to materialise my dream of creating a platform where people from all spheres of life and background can share their artistic creations that in turn helps others to uplift their lives. I am now able to drive positive vibes to our listeners without having to go through a huge learning curve. Thank you Simple Streaming Solution, you really make streaming so simple!
  • The quality of your stream is super! Our listeners are continuously sending us complements about the high quality of our broadcast.
  • "Nowadays there are so many streaming service provider’s out there but the quality of your stream is unmatched!"